How to choose the right lures and bait

As most of you fishermen will know it is very difficult to choose one, single best lure for bass fishing in North America. Spinner bait is usually the one that springs to mind that most fishermen would cite for being the best bass fishing lure, if they could only choose a single bait to use.

That choice would be based largely on the fact that it is probably the most versatile to use. You can use it to fish at various depths, not limiting yourself to your choices if the bass are suspended, shallow, or deep. If you cast your spinner, and start reeling immediately, it will stay on the surface for shallow fishing. You can cast and then wait a bit, letting it sink partway to the bottom, so you can catch suspended fish, or you can let it sink to the bottom before beginning your retrieve to catch those fish on the bottom.

Another excellent choice of a lure that is sure to catch a lot of bass is the crankbait. They come in a huge array of colors from which you may choose. They work well when you need to fish anywhere from the depths to the surface, and they may even be equipped with sound makers to attract the bass.They are designed to look like natural baits such as shad, crawfish, or minnows.

Another very good choice of lures with which to catch bass is a simple, plastic worm. You can fish these lures very simply with great results. You can use a Carolina Rig, Wacky Rig, Texas Rig, Floating Rig, or any number of others, and really all you have to do in order to be successful doing it is to slow down your presentation just a bit.There are new rigs being developed every day too, so the versatility you seek will be there when using plastic worms as bait for catching bass.

If you are looking to catch really big bass rather than larger numbers of bass, you might want to try a pig and jig combo. It really is a very good combination for catching the big largemouth. You can give it a try anywhere, but, of course, it is going to work best for you in areas where there are larger sized bass and they are biting. If you are fishing early in the morning or later in the evening, you really might want to consider using top water lures for catching bass. They are pretty effective during the prime times for their target use.

Jerk bait and suspending bait are also very good choices for bass fishing. If you have not given them a try, go for it. Many of the locals in various areas will tell you that this is one of the best ways to fish for bass. What’s more, it creates something new and interesting for you to do while you are fishing.

Just remember that since conditions change rapidly when fishing for bass,the lures you need to use can change just as rapidly making what worked for you a few minutes ago, obsolete in current conditions. The biggest thing is just to be versatile and adapt your presentation and choices for lures to the conditions in which you are fishing. Try to understand the patterns of the bass in your particular body of water, and fish according to the current conditions present.

If you are fishing in an area where the natural bait is minnows, the bass will likely bite minnows or anything that looks like it might be a minnow. If you present bait they have never seen in their native habitat, you are likely to scare them away, or at best, get a few nibbles from the more adventurous of the bunch and really not be able to catch your limit.

If you consistently fish with one bait in a certain location with good results only to find under similar conditions in the same areas a few days later, you are not getting the kind of results you want, start keeping a fishing diary. Pay attention to what you are doing, and consult your book, and pretty soon you are going to begin seeing a pattern that will help you know what bait to fish at what times and in which areas.



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