History of Fishing

When you are on your next fishing trip and drop your hook line and sinker into the water take some time to contemplate how this relaxing water sport came into being while you wait for the fish to bite. But beware not to drown too deep into history and miss a few good nibbles on the lure!


Like all things alive today, the sport of fishing started in the water too. Before man learned to use a hook line and sinker he used to dive in and manually try to grab hold of a fish near the surface. This being quite a tedious task he decided to experiment and try to catch fish in different ways.


The sport of fishing is perhaps the oldest of sporting activities in the world. It has been taken up merely for the fun, sporting spirit and of course food the sport provides. Historical records show depictions of ancient deposits of bone, shell, and paintings on the walls of caves depicting early man fishing in waters and catching fish. This activity was indulged in for food rather than sport. However, the idea soon caught on, and man began fishing for the fun of it all.


The waters of the ancient Nile are an angler’s paradise and have been since time immemorial. The staple diet of the Egyptians was fish, fresh and dried. They have been responsible for developing the many methods of fishing that are still in vogue even today. The Egyptians were a very technically advanced civilization and they were known to use hooks, lines, traps and nets to catch their fish. Though they managed well enough to catch the fish they still resorted to the ancient method of clubbing the fish to death. The popular catches were catfish, eels, and perch.


It is probably the Eskimos and red Indians who invented the modern fishing tactics. They were the ones who also discovered the methods of ice fishing and fishing out of boats. Meanwhile, the civilization of Greece is also known to have contributed to the history of fishing. Though they were not particularly fond of the activity, they is evidence that the Greeks indulged in the sport of fishing as there is a cine cup from as far back as 500 BC depicting a boy near a stream with a fishing rod and tackle. There is also evidence of fishing from the Roman era. The Romans fished with nets and off the side of the boats using tridents.


The most recognizable form of fishing is using the fishing hook. There is no evidence to prove the theory, but it is believed that prehistoric man discovered the use of the fishing hook over 40,000 years ago. This is perhaps the most exciting and easiest form of fishing ever developed. It is also, perhaps, the device that turned fishing into a sport.


With such a long-standing relation with the water sport, it is not a wonder that over half the world’s sportsmen are inclined to take to the sport of fishing if for nothing else but the relaxation of it all.


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