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What makes a person want to fish? I’m sure most people don’t have a clue as to why they like to fish or what prompted them to do it in the first place. Whatever the reason, each year multitudes of people take up the sport of fishing. Most head off to their local sporting goods store or Target to buy the cheapest Fishing Tackle they can find.

I have created a short Guide on purchasing your first gear to start fishing. You don’t need expensive or complicated gear to catch a fish. It’s no secret that fishing tackle manufacturers design fishing tackle to catch the fishermen’s eye instead of fish. The fishing tackle I used to catch fish all those years ago still works today. Just as good or better than the tackle being pushed on unsuspecting fishermen now.

There are things out there on the market that can make a fisherman’s life a lot easier and the range of products if very large. As I just stated, in general, there are a lot of different ideas that I could generate about products, but, I will try to narrow it down to just a few that I truly believe are either awesome or good to have. The list of products I will be to go into detail about are a rod holder, a tackle box, a fishing net, a trolling motor, and trolling boards. After I discuss the topics, I will provide links to each of the suggested products.

First on the agenda is my recommendation for a rod holder. The reason I recommend a rod holder is very simple, organization. Fishing rods are a particularly weird object as they are long, pointy, and somewhat fragile. An adequate rod holder for your garage or shed is the perfect product to keep them stowed away safely and in an orderly fashion. I recommend you do research on rod holders in the marketplace because some rod holders tend to be “cheapy” and can damage your fishing rods. In addition to garage rod holders, I recommend a rod holder/case for transportation of fishing rods. This is essential for fishermen who are looking to take their equipment in the car because it will protect the fishing rods from damage.

The next item of interest I would like to talk about is simply a tackle box. Tackle boxes are obviously a necessity for any fisherman. However, buying the right one may not be as simple as you would tend to think. Tackle boxes come in many shapes and sizes and choosing the right one is tricky. In addition to the many different shapes and sizes that go with tackle boxes, there are also different styles. Tackle boxes can be hard or soft. Hard ones are made with plastic, and soft are made with fabric. I recommend purchasing a tackle box that has a hard surface. Through my experience, I have had a lot of issues with a soft tackle box. Hooks get caught in it and it also just rips and gets worn out over time.



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